Car Access in Three Simple Steps

1. Renter Downloads ShareNow

Available on both iOS and Android, ShareNow is a simple to download app that provides renters with easy and convenient access to peer-to-peer rentals cars.

2. ShareNow Sends Renter a Digital Key

Digital keys are sent from ShareNow to renter via text message. The car owner inputs the renter’s number into the app, creating a link that is automatically sent to the renter’s phone.

3. Renter Uses Digital Key to Access the Car

The renter approaches the rental car and clicks on the link they received from ShareNow. The renter is redirected to the app and presses ‘start my rental’, which unlocks the car doors!

What is the digital lock?

Simply put, the digital lock is an electronic security device that prevents starting of the vehicle unless a correct digital key (shared by you the owner of the car) is present. When “renter mode” is turned on, the engine will only start when an authorized digital key has interacted with the ShareNow device.


Safely Leaving a Key in Your Car

  1. Place keys in the glove compartment.
  2. Exit your car and close the doors.
  3. Open the ShareNow app and select your car from the “My Cars” list.
  4. On the “Owner Options” screen, press “Connect to Car”.
  5. Once connected, press the “Lock” button.

Owner Mode/Renter Mode

On the “Owners Options” screen, you can toggle between ‘Owner Mode’ and ‘Renter Mode’.

When ‘Owner Mode’ is on, the digital lock will be deactivated, and you’ll be able to use the car as you normally would.

When ‘Renter Mode’ is on, only a renter with an authorized digital key will be able to start the car. Please note that in ‘Renter Mode’, the digital lock will be activated and you, as an owner, will not be able to start the car.

Sharing a Digital Key

  1. Copy and paste your renter’s phone number from their Turo profile into the ShareNow app.
  2. Set your rental start time. Remember that your renter will not be able to access your car until the time you set.
  3. Click the “Share” button to send a key to your renter. Your renter will automatically receive their digital key via text message.

Please Note:

Once you share a digital key with a renter, he/she will have a 24 hour window to begin the rental. After than 24 hour window, the renter will no longer be authorized to begin the rental. Therefore, it is recommended that you share a digital key with a renter a couple of hours because the rental is scheduled to begin.

The renter will be able to end the rental anytime after he/she first connects to the car, and when the rental is successfully ended, he/she will no longer be able to access your car.

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