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Osama B:

"Keyfree "unlocks", no pun intended, a great opportunity to managing my cars without the friction of having to be physically involved. This overhauls the entire process automating my micro-fleet, making it easier to further scale-up my fleet, maximizing my bottom-line at an unprecedented convenience to my guests."

Moez F, Kyle C & Andrej B:

"Accessing the car with the app was super smooth, it's definitely a great app. The key was in the glove compartment, all we had to do was download the app, hit the 'unlock' button and we were good to go!"

"Felt like a lot of steps at first to get everything in order (using an iPhone app to unlock the vehicle), but in reality, it's a breeze."

"The best car rental experience!!"

Kunal P, Andre H & Yannick P:

"...easy pickup and dropping because of the technology"

"...I loved the system he installed in his Mazda. I was able to get into the car with my phone."

"The app that allows access to the car is amazing and should be implemented in every Turo!"

Ryan N:

"...All of my cars now have the system and needless to say, it is loved by all. My biggest takeaway was the reduced number of phone calls, texts, etc. from frantic renters unable to follow my instructions alongside the apps I’ve tried in the past. KeyFree addresses this pain point by focusing the product on the user side to reduce user frustration. I can share the digital key and instructions by text in seconds and often never have the need to communicate further with renters, clear prompts and instructions guide the renters through the app in a streamlined workflow, with a single click of the “begin rental” triggering the unlock of the car. The same for when they end the rental and fortunately, the system automatically indicates by email when a rental has begun or ended, letting me know my vehicle has returned safely. My customers are blown away by its ease and my neighbors are no longer annoyed by the constant flow of customers! Thanks Neil and the entire KeyFree team for making this a possibility. My life is so much easier now."

Zoeb F:

"So far ShareNow has been working great for me, I have it installed on 5 cars and I've completed multiple rentals with it. I would say the best thing is that I don't need to be around, I just need to verify their identity and I can authorize them on ShareNow as soon the trip is about to start...That way they're already authorized and they can come pick up the car at their convenience...it's great because in the real world, unexpected things happen and people tend to run behind. What I like about ShareNow vs other remote unlocking technology is that the guest has control of when they can unlock the car and the owner doesn't need to be standing by and waiting for them to show up. It's convenient for both and it's great that neither the guest or the owner are dependent on each other. The app is very straightforward and secure, I definitely like it much better than my old lock box method, it's a nice bonus that the car can't be started when it's just sitting around, which is nice because it works as an anti-theft device as well.”

Ranji P:

"I just wanted to offer my opinion and my suggestion after working with your Keyfree/Sharenow technology.

I have been personal involved in the training and usage of ShareNow for almost one month. My customers and staff are finding this to be very simple and convenient to use.

This system has allowed me to rent parking spots across the City of Brampton enabling a larger demographic to rent a car closer to their office or residence with the easy access of Sharenow.

I intend to increase my fleet of cars over the next several months to take advantage of catering to the convenience of my customer needs.

On a final note, I was two months away from starting my own car share business and then Turo contacted me. I love the platform, and now with the introduction of Keyfree/Sharenow, I have a complete system that gives me the confidence to evolve my business onto a shared platform.

I look forward to working with your system as we grow into the future.”