Typically speaking, owners feel most comfortable leaving their cars parked outside their homes. With ShareNow’s ‘digital lock’, you get the added comfort of knowing your car is always safe. Anywhere. Anytime.

Some owners love the ‘digital lock’ feature so much, they’re starting to leave cars in some unique places that are even easier for customers to access.

Gas Stations – A lot of gas stations are now renting out monthly parking spots for carsharing or peer-to-peer car rental operators to leave their cars.

Church Parking Lots – Because these lots are generally used only a couple of times a week, many churches are willing to rent out a spot at a great price.

The Airport – Having a car parked here is a no-brainer. Renters flying in from out of town will have easy access to your car if it’s parked at the airport.

Body Shops/Mechanics – Often, body shops have a lot of extra space. Try to contact a couple in your area to see if they have a spot you can rent out.