*Please Note: You must have Bluetooth enabled on your phone and be within close proximity of your car.

  1. Log into the ShareNow app using your Keyfree account.

Image 1


2. After logging into ShareNow, select the '+' in the upper right corner. (See Image 1)

Image 2

Splash Screen-3

3. Select the device that matches the name on your device card. (See Image 2)


Image 3


4. Enter the unique pin found on your device card to connect to the device. (See Image 3)

Image 4


5. Choose a user friendly name for your car. (See Image 4)

Image 5


6. Your car will now appear under "My Cars". (See Image 5)

*If you do not see your car listed, try refreshing the page by swiping downwards.

Next Steps...

Now that you've linked your car(s) with your account, learn how to use ShareNow.