Contact ShareNow

Fill out our contact form to book an installation. A representative will determine if your car(s) are compatible and communicate with you to decide on a date/time frame to schedule the installation(s). A technician will come directly to you, so all you'll need to do is ensure your car(s) are available!

Set Up The App

Open the App/Google Play Store & search for "ShareNow by Keyfree". Download the app once you've found it. Then, click on "Host Login" at the bottom of the screen to create an account. You'll need to validate your email and phone number.

Start Renting!

After the installation is complete, open your welcome package (you'll receive an email with this) to link your car to your account. Now, activate your device(s) by using ShareNow for a rental, and enjoy the convenience and benefits ShareNow has to offer!

Next Steps...

Now that you've set up ShareNow, learn how to link a car to your account.