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How do I remotely unlock cars?

Since ShareNow is a bluetooth based solution, you will not have the ability to remotely unlock the doors. By sharing a digital key, the renter will be able to unlock the car’s doors through the ShareNow app.

How do I send my renter(s) a digital key?

Refer to Turo’s renter list to obtain your renter(s) phone number. Next, press and hold (long hold) on the car(s) you wish to send, click share, and input the renter(s) phone number.

Will either myself or my renter be charged if a key is shared to an international phone number?

No, absolutely not! We use a third-party service called Twilio to send the text messages. It’s one of the leading vendors and is used by a lot of apps and websites. The 415 phone number is generic and belongs to our service provider, so we pay for the texts.

Does ShareNow drain my battery?

The battery draw from the ShareNow device is extremely minimal. This is because the ShareNow device uses Bluetooth Low Energy rather than a cellular connection like many other devices do. In fact, compared to after-market remote starters and alarms, the ShareNow device draws power at a significantly lower rate while idle.

Of course, we do recommend that you start your car at least once a week to maintain the life of the battery. When you’re driving, your car’s alternator charges your battery. With ShareNow, if your car isn’t driven for a substantial period of time, the current draw is enough to prevent your car from starting.

With older cars or cars with smaller batteries (a Smart ForTwo for example), it is recommended that you drive your car more frequently. As a battery ages, it becomes less effective and needs to be maintained on a more regular basis.

If you notice your battery is draining more quickly than expected, it might be time to replace it. Even AAA recommends that on average, most vehicle batteries will fail after three to five years.

How do I add a car to “My Cars”?

Press the ‘+’ button in the top right-hand corner of the app to get started. Next, using the owner’s card sent to you, locate your keyfree device and input your own personal unique pin.

I don’t see my car(s) listed under “My Cars”… What do I do?

Try refreshing the list by swiping downwards on the “My Cars” screen. Ensure that Bluetooth is connected. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, turn on airplane mode for 20 seconds and then turn off. Try reconnecting to the car. Try to log out of ShareNow and then log back in. Try reconnecting to the car. Try to restart your phone and reconnecting to the car.

What about insurance?

Turo, the largest peer-to-peer car-sharing platform, whom we are working with, offers liability insurance for both owners and renters. For owners who have declined this option, they themselves offer commercial rental insurance directly to their renters.

Does installing this device void my warranty?

Absolutely not. In addition, you’ll receive a 1-year warranty on the device and installation. For further information on warranty terms and conditions, please refer to the following PDF file: ShareNow Purchase and Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions

How do I know the renter is who they say they are?

For information on remote key handoffs, please refer to Turo’s website for their policy: “How do remote key handoffs work?”